Heres what’s next in the Democratic primaries

   On March 3, Super Tuesday leveled out the playing field in the Democratic primary. As of now, there are now only three major contenders left in the Democratic primary race. Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, and the new frontrunner, Former Vice President Joe Biden. Two major endorsements from former candidates Amy Klobuchar and... Continue Reading →

Choir gets their time to shine at Great Works

      On Tuesday, March 10, the choir performed at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church. The event was called The Great Works. It has been a yearly event for choir, orchestra, and band. The main directors of the show were Christopher Rigolini, band teacher, Rebecca Jonas, orchestra teacher, and Sara Garza, choir teacher. This hour... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus stops DCSD spring break trips

   As the COVID-19 disease, otherwise known as the coronavirus, has been considered a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the world’s anxiety continues to increase. The death toll is currently at 4,613 people globally, and another 125,048 people infected as of March 12, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Efforts to control the disease... Continue Reading →

Assemblies aren’t made for ditching

   The whole student body cheers as the student senate reveals the total amount raised for Wish Week. It’s one of the most exciting moments of the school year, but if a student misses it, they wouldn’t know how much money the school raised or how excited the Wish Week kid was or about whether... Continue Reading →

Three interesting slushies to try from Sonic

  Ever since the fast food restaurant, Sonic, added slushies to their menus, there has been an endless amount of combinations that you could try with the many other frozen drinks that Sonic offers. This makes choosing the perfect one difficult, but here are some interesting types of slushies to try for yourself.   Ocean... Continue Reading →

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