No harm grading harms students and teachers alike

A math teacher and two students comment on the problems with no harm grading. Infographic by Anthony Kargoll With the transition to remote learning due to coronavirus, the Douglas County School District implemented a “no harm grading” policy. According to DCSD’s Remote Learning Plan, “During this closure, DCSD is approaching grades with a ‘hold harmless’... Continue Reading →

The impact COVID-19 has on today’s working teens

From janitors to grocery store workers, the importance of these front-line occupations has come to the surface during this pandemic. According to Trading Economics, unemployment has hit an all-time high of 14.7%  in the United States. In January of 2020, it was at 3.6%, which was before the COVID-19 pandemic left many unemployed. As essential... Continue Reading →

HR Chronicle senior video

This video is a short send off to the seniors leaving our newspaper team this year. If the video above does not work, this link should bring you to it. Thank you seniors!

Chroncast – Episode 3

Time stamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:00 News 2:23 - TV 8:46 - Keeping journalism alive 12:400 - School related 20:50 - Sports 23:45 - Music 33:05 - Movies and video games 34:50 - Outdoor activities 37:00 - Haircuts 39:05 - Outro

Mental health and COVID-19

   The novel coronavirus, otherwise widely known as COVID-19, which has spread vastly all around the world, is having a major impact on mental health. The fear and anxiety of a new, currently incurable disease can cause strong emotions and stress in people of all ages and how people respond will shape the rest of... Continue Reading →

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