Best Valentine’s Day Dates

   Because there’s no school on Valentine’s Day this year, the whole day is open for a wide range of fun activities and unique locations made for a romantic date with your loved one. Inexpensive: Stargazing    If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, but still equally enjoyable, stargazing with cozy blankets is... Continue Reading →

New Additions to The Mural

   Audrey Ng and Joanna Nicholson, both AP art students, were approached by Jon Cushing, art teacher, in October with a new project that would put their skills to the test: updating the rotunda mural after it was painted 22 years ago.    “Since Audrey and I are both taking AP studio art for the... Continue Reading →

Trouble on Ice

     As the combined Mountain Vista/Highlands Ranch hockey team heads into the final stretch of their season, their ranking remains within the top half of the league. As of Jan. 29, the team ranks 14th in the Foothills League with a record of 5-6-2.  The record may not prove it, but the team has... Continue Reading →

Climate change: the not so silent killer

   Recently, the global environmental events seem to keep arising and intensifying by the minute. Some people are saying that these events are natural cycles. While they aren’t wrong, these natural cycles are speeding up and becoming more severe at an extraordinary rate. Heather Berry, science teacher, said, “The Australian fires are severe this year... Continue Reading →

Top 50 Albums of the Decade

   As someone with their ear buds in all the time, I listen to more than a hundred albums a year. This is the music that I love and want to share why each of these records help define the past decade to me personally. It’s a countdown of my favorite albums leading to the... Continue Reading →

Childhood TV shows of the decade

The greatest memories and representations of childhood are not toys, but the television shows that early school-age kids watch on weekend mornings. Looking up to the characters in the show, kids develop a personality, maybe even close to their television role model. But what shows are better at stretching a child’s imagination? Phineas and Ferb... Continue Reading →

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