There’s more than just college

While many seniors who graduate high school go straight off to college, there are some who pursue other ventures instead. Whether it is taking a gap year, joining the military, going straight into the workforce, or attending trade school, there are lots of alternative options that can provide good opportunities for people looking to do... Continue Reading →

Women’s strong renaissance in music

Women’s History Month is now over, but the legacy and impact women have had on art, media, and politics will last forever. Last decade was a time for women to have a  substantial impact on me, the music industry, and the world. Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Kate Bush, and others have influenced a generation of popular... Continue Reading →

TSA students place in the top five at state

Whether it’s learning to design a robot, develop software, or participate in cyber security, the Technology Student Association (TSA) offers many opportunities that will expand knowledge and skills regarding technology and engineering. Prior to spring break, several students came away having placed in the top five at the TSA state competition. David Canaday and Tyler... Continue Reading →

The first mental health week

2020 was a year filled with surprises, and one pandemic later almost no one can say they have come out unfazed. HR is no different, as the student body, staff, and administration have watched six Ranch students be taken from us in a variety of unthinkable ways. From suicides to illnesses, these deaths have left... Continue Reading →

How games should be officiated

On March 23, 2021, NHL Referee Tim Peel called a penalty on the Nashville Predators in the second period. A few minutes later, Peel was caught on a hot mic talking about the penalty he called on the Predators. “It wasn't much, but I wanted to get a f*****' penalty against Nashville early in the…”... Continue Reading →

Spring break quarantine edition

We are going into a spring break like we have never experienced before. This year will be a game changer since COVID-19 still plays a major role in everyone’s lives. For the people staying safe and staying home here are 5 things that you can do in order to stay busy. 1)Something that I love... Continue Reading →

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