Senior sendoff video

The 2020-2021 school year has surely thrown a lot of obstacles our way, and it has had a big impact on our stories, as showcased by this year's print edition theme, expect the unexpected. The core of our newspaper class has always been the students themselves, and this year we will be honoring the seniors... Continue Reading →

The Devastating effects our ignorance has on the world ; a look into the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Who is worthy of human rights? The obvious answer is everyone. Right? Well, not everyone agrees.  Over the past couple of weeks, violence against Palestinians in Israel has increased exponentially. While Israeli-Palestinian conflicts are not unheard of, as disagreements over who has claims over the holy lands have lasted for decades, this year’s events have... Continue Reading →

Chroncast – Episode 11

This episode dives deeper into the article “HR’s newest cosmetology course addition” a news story written by Kirstie Ko, Staff Reporter (which can be found here).

Edgenuity: My experience with online school

With the occurrences of this past year, HR offered Edgenuity as the way to do school from home. Edgenuity was created in 1998 by Jonathan Grayer and has been a top choice for online schools for years. Edgenuity said, “Edgenuity is being utilized by more than 20,000 schools nationwide, included 20 of the 25 largest... Continue Reading →

Best basketball shoes of 2020

The 2020-21 basketball season has come and gone, so here's a look back at the season's best and most popular basketball shoes.  Nike knocked it out of the park this year with their basketball shoes, as they made quite the noise. PG4 - The PG4 is Paul George’s fourth signature shoe. “Paul George is the... Continue Reading →

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