Heres what’s next in the Democratic primaries

   On March 3, Super Tuesday leveled out the playing field in the Democratic primary. As of now, there are now only three major contenders left in the Democratic primary race. Senator Bernie Sanders, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, and the new frontrunner, Former Vice President Joe Biden. Two major endorsements from former candidates Amy Klobuchar and... Continue Reading →

F.C.A. faces challenges

   How far is too far? That is the question that many teachers asked themselves when the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, F.C.A. , posted a quote from First Corinthians on class doors. It caused a controversy among the staff and garnered complaints. “We did that on a Monday morning. We did that around 7:00 am,... Continue Reading →

New Additions to The Mural

   Audrey Ng and Joanna Nicholson, both AP art students, were approached by Jon Cushing, art teacher, in October with a new project that would put their skills to the test: updating the rotunda mural after it was painted 22 years ago.    “Since Audrey and I are both taking AP studio art for the... Continue Reading →

A Place For All

   Sometimes students struggle with finding a place to fit in. But in the 1990’s, Spectrum club, which is a space for LGBTQ+ members and their allies, started. The club currently has eight members, but due to the new schedule, students are finding it hard to make it to the meeting. Despite this, the club... Continue Reading →

Marching band state competition cancellation

   The Colorado marching band state competition was cancelled for every school in the state. The Colorado Band Association, also known as the CBA, cancelled due to concerns for the health and safety of students, staff, and families because of the forecasted adverse weather. The state competition was supposed to happen on Oct. 28.   ... Continue Reading →

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