The impact COVID-19 has on today’s working teens

From janitors to grocery store workers, the importance of these front-line occupations has come to the surface during this pandemic. According to Trading Economics, unemployment has hit an all-time high of 14.7%  in the United States. In January of 2020, it was at 3.6%, which was before the COVID-19 pandemic left many unemployed. As essential... Continue Reading →

HR Chronicle senior video

This video is a short send off to the seniors leaving our newspaper team this year. If the video above does not work, this link should bring you to it. Thank you seniors!

Dealing with self-quarantine

     Covid-19 has millions of people around the world isolating themselves in their homes. There doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Coronavirus has changed domestic life, American life, and life around most of the world, due to schools, gyms, non-essential businesses, hair salons, and many more buildings shutting down for the time... Continue Reading →

Tips for succeeding at online school

**** NOTE: The Sr. manager of corporate communications at CODCA shared the reporter's questions with Teri Cady, head of school, and Courtney Ludwig & Shannon Smith, school advisors at CODCA. When CODCA is mentioned as a source, the responses come from the aforementioned staff at CODCA who responded to the reporter's questions.    According to... Continue Reading →

CyberPatriots – more than just a club

   CyberPatriots is a club in which students use their computer skills, as individuals and as a team, to solve problems in a competition setting. At competitions, teams are given six hours to solve a variety of problems in order to secure multiple computers from vulnerabilities such as malware or shady networks and services.  ... Continue Reading →

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