Mental health and COVID-19

   The novel coronavirus, otherwise widely known as COVID-19, which has spread vastly all around the world, is having a major impact on mental health. The fear and anxiety of a new, currently incurable disease can cause strong emotions and stress in people of all ages and how people respond will shape the rest of... Continue Reading →

Chroncast – Episode 2

Time Stamps 0:00 - Intro 0:47 - News Stories 7:04 - TV and Movies 14:19 - Douglas County and Stay-At-Home orders 21:20 - Journalism 31:15 - Music 35:00 - Video Games 40:00 - Next Fall semester 42:35 - Outro  

Dealing with self-quarantine

     Covid-19 has millions of people around the world isolating themselves in their homes. There doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Coronavirus has changed domestic life, American life, and life around most of the world, due to schools, gyms, non-essential businesses, hair salons, and many more buildings shutting down for the time... Continue Reading →

Chroncast – Episode 1

Time stamps: 0:00 - Intro TV shows - 1:20 Athletics and sports - 5:40 Video games - 10:00 Journalism amidst a pandemic - 14:23 School and Corona virus, with special guest Jennah Klein - 17:56 Personal life in quarentine - 27:30 & 34:25 Music - 29:35 Outro -  37:55

Tips for succeeding at online school

**** NOTE: The Sr. manager of corporate communications at CODCA shared the reporter's questions with Teri Cady, head of school, and Courtney Ludwig & Shannon Smith, school advisors at CODCA. When CODCA is mentioned as a source, the responses come from the aforementioned staff at CODCA who responded to the reporter's questions.    According to... Continue Reading →

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