Chroncast – Episode 6

This episode dives deeper into “How furlough days affect the school’s budget and teachers” a news story written by Jaysen Anderson, Staff Reporter (which can be found here).

Douglas County Reopening Regrets

On Nov. 12, DCSD interim superintendent, Corey Wise, announced that all students will be moving to remote learning after Thanksgiving break. This decision was reached when DCSD accounted for nearly 5,000 students and staff members in quarantine, in addition to 13 schools already on remote learning.  In the beginning of the school year, DCSD chose... Continue Reading →

An age of gifts

It’s that chaotic and beautiful time of year where people who celebrate these seasonal holidays have to consider what is the best gift to give loved ones. After some research, I found the perfect gift to give someone per age group. Preschool: The big thing with these kids is new toys. Drew, age four, said, “I... Continue Reading →

Wishing I was in Paris

Infographic by Camryn Montgomery Emily in Paris, a new hit Netflix series, aired on Oct. 2, 2020, and has left fans longing for season two and wishing they were in Paris. The show features the life of Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, who is given the opportunity to be transferred by her marketing company... Continue Reading →

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