The 30 best albums of the year

This year had so much to offer in terms of new music that really forced artists to push their creative limits. Many artists eased their frustration this year by creating music that listeners can relate to. These are the 30 albums from this year that I thought were not just great but got me and... Continue Reading →

Douglas County Reopening Regrets

On Nov. 12, DCSD interim superintendent, Corey Wise, announced that all students will be moving to remote learning after Thanksgiving break. This decision was reached when DCSD accounted for nearly 5,000 students and staff members in quarantine, in addition to 13 schools already on remote learning.  In the beginning of the school year, DCSD chose... Continue Reading →

Should BLM be taught in schools?

Graphic by Jordan Pazos On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was placed under arrest after a gas station clerk had called the police to report Floyd who allegedly used a counterfeit 20 dollar bill to buy a pack of cigarettes. During that period of detainment, officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on Floyd’s throat for... Continue Reading →

No harm grading harms students and teachers alike

A math teacher and two students comment on the problems with no harm grading. Infographic by Anthony Kargoll With the transition to remote learning due to coronavirus, the Douglas County School District implemented a “no harm grading” policy. According to DCSD’s Remote Learning Plan, “During this closure, DCSD is approaching grades with a ‘hold harmless’... Continue Reading →

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