Halloween costume ideas 2019

   From superheroes to vsco girls, there is a costume for everyone; you just have to figure out what you like and how to rock it. Whether you're going trick-or-treating, attending a party or staying home, Halloween can be enjoyed in many ways, especially if you have a great costume.     The number one most... Continue Reading →

How much is too much?

   At HR we really are ALL IN. According to the HR website, there are currently 21 sports and 40 clubs available for students to join. It’s great that students are taking advantage of these opportunities and exploring their passions, but it’s less great that students are also joining clubs that they don’t really care... Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment in the NFL

  NFL wide receiver, Antonio Brown, despite his good track record, has been stirring up chaos throughout the NFL this off-season. Ditching training camp, complaining, and reckless tweeting are one part of his offenses, but rape and sexual misconduct allegations are quite another. Despite having a clear policy regarding such actions, the current NFL system... Continue Reading →

  Is taking AP classes and exams worth it?

  Depending on what college or major you are considering, AP tests can be advantageous or trivial. Advanced Placement classes are more challenging courses intended to prepare students for college academics, and the exams can result in college credit with the proper score. Factoring in cost, credit, and college admission counselors, students  can find AP... Continue Reading →

Seniors cross line with class prank

 According to U.S. news, “Senior pranks are generally stunts pulled by seniors designed to amuse the school community, and often not school-sanctioned, have been going on for generations.” But sometimes, the senior class takes it too far, whether there is stealing that occurs, damage to the school, or offensive content. The 2019 class took their... Continue Reading →

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