Assemblies aren’t made for ditching

   The whole student body cheers as the student senate reveals the total amount raised for Wish Week. It’s one of the most exciting moments of the school year, but if a student misses it, they wouldn’t know how much money the school raised or how excited the Wish Week kid was or about whether... Continue Reading →

Why you should always vote sincerely

   As kids, we were always taught to be honest. Yet, when it comes to politics, many voters believe that insincerity, rather than honesty, is the best policy. But I’m here to tell you that your childhood was not a lie. Sincere voting really is the best way to safeguard your own values and the... Continue Reading →

How concert venues compare

   The whole stadium vibrates, people stomp their feet, and lights are flashing in many directions. The day that has been long anticipated is finally here. Thousands of people wait as their favorite artist gets ready to perform. An overall concert experience can be affected by many factors, from being outdoors, to having a larger... Continue Reading →

Tribute to Kobe

In the United States, the average life expectancy is about 78 years old for the average male, according to a study by World Bank in 2016. But Kobe Bean Bryant accomplished more on and off the basketball court in a little over half of that time than most people will in a lifetime. Kobe Bryant... Continue Reading →

Climate change: the not so silent killer

   Recently, the global environmental events seem to keep arising and intensifying by the minute. Some people are saying that these events are natural cycles. While they aren’t wrong, these natural cycles are speeding up and becoming more severe at an extraordinary rate. Heather Berry, science teacher, said, “The Australian fires are severe this year... Continue Reading →

Is “OK Boomer” okay?

   What started as a Tik Tok trend responding to things that older people tend to say to younger people, has turned into a raging debate between people from 18-65 years old according to Vox. Is it the start of an intergenerational war? Or are we really just going through the track of rebelling against... Continue Reading →

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