Childhood TV shows of the decade

The greatest memories and representations of childhood are not toys, but the television shows that early school-age kids watch on weekend mornings. Looking up to the characters in the show, kids develop a personality, maybe even close to their television role model. But what shows are better at stretching a child’s imagination? Phineas and Ferb... Continue Reading →

“Knives out” leaves viewers guessing

    Cat and mouse, hide and seek, clue, whodunnit- name any mystery game and “Knives out” will relate to it.     “Knives Out” is about Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) who is a successful mystery writer who died on his 85th birthday. His housekeeper Fran (Edi Patterson) finds him and everybody is told that... Continue Reading →

Frozen 2: Was it worth the wait?

     Even after six years, the hype is still there and the anticipated wait is over. A seemingly endless supply of merchandise makes it appear that items have never left the shelves since the first movie came out, and this sure is hard to miss. Since the release of the first Frozen movie, the... Continue Reading →

Top 5 best Christmas gifts for 2019

   It is getting closer and closer to Christmas everyday, and you might be wondering what could potentially be some gifts to give out to your friends and family for this year’s Christmas. Here’s five of the best gifts to give out that could make anyone happy.    One of the best gifts to give... Continue Reading →

Haunting sequel to a haunting classic

   “Doctor Sleep”, directed by Mike Flanagan, is an adaptation of the novel by Stephen King and a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic, and masterpiece, “The Shining” (1980), written by Stephen King. “Doctor Sleep” follows the kid from the Shining, Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor in the present day. “Doctor Sleep” is slow in... Continue Reading →

Fall files

  When people think of fall it is mostly about the changing of the leaves and the start to the holiday season, but the most underrated part of fall is the trends and hits produced this time of year. Newest Music of Fall:   Fall has been a season of new artists and catchy songs... Continue Reading →

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