A Place For All

   Sometimes students struggle with finding a place to fit in. But in the 1990’s, Spectrum club, which is a space for LGBTQ+ members and their allies, started. The club currently has eight members, but due to the new schedule, students are finding it hard to make it to the meeting. Despite this, the club... Continue Reading →

Marching band state competition cancellation

   The Colorado marching band state competition was cancelled for every school in the state. The Colorado Band Association, also known as the CBA, cancelled due to concerns for the health and safety of students, staff, and families because of the forecasted adverse weather. The state competition was supposed to happen on Oct. 28.   ... Continue Reading →

Haunting sequel to a haunting classic

   “Doctor Sleep”, directed by Mike Flanagan, is an adaptation of the novel by Stephen King and a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic, and masterpiece, “The Shining” (1980), written by Stephen King. “Doctor Sleep” follows the kid from the Shining, Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor in the present day. “Doctor Sleep” is slow in... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving deserves more appreciation

   It's the holiday season once again, but Christmas is taking over. Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened, but stores have already stacked their shelves with Christmas stuff, communities have already covered their trees with lights, and radio stations have already started playing Christmas music. This is not okay.    Kosi 101.1, a local radio station, prides... Continue Reading →

Childhood show nostalgia

    Your childhood flies by so quickly that you are a teenager before you know it. You’re told to enjoy it while it lasts, but by the time you process this idea, you’re all grown up. Now, as a high school student, you have to worry about homework and about what college to go... Continue Reading →

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