Disclaimer and Liability

The HR Chronicle is a public forum for students. The Chronicle is written, edited and published by students. The HR Chronicle is legally bound by the rules and regulations of CHSAA. Any views published in the HR Chronicle are not an expression of the School, the District, the Board, or any District employees or Board member.


John Boughey, Caitlyn Tsukamoto, Hannah Dyer, Kaylee Kirkwood, Dom Dakovich, Kyle Lynch, Jordan Rust, Taylor Means, Olivia Berg, Aidan Cox, Danielle Black, Evan Naemura, Kathryn Lopez and Paige Martin

Editorial Policy

The HR Chronicle welcomes opinions of those not on staff and appreciates feedback on publications and content.  Letters to the editor will be published at the discretion of the editorial staff and the staff reserves the right to withhold publication of any material that is considered questionable or inappropriate.  The editorial board also reserves the right to edit material for appropriateness and correctness. Letters and guests editorials will be published with the following information about the author:   full name, year if they are a student; full name and department if they are faculty; full name and job title if they are staff; full name and city if they are from the state; and full name and state if they are from outside the state.

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