Market Day raised $150 for Unified

  Cheap snacks, toys, and everything in between is what Market Day had to offer. This past Thursday, April 4, Market Day occurred during access and you could buy ten Ranch dollars with just one real dollar. The money was raised for Unified teams at Ranch.

  Market Day is not only a fundraiser, but it is also a learning opportunity, and it is used as a project-based learning assignment for economics classes. David Baker, senior, said that his partner “learned more about economics in that one hour than he could learn from a book.”

  “Overall, Market Day was a great experience,” Sarah Issa, freshman, said.” It’s nice to get cookies and food for a cheap price and at the same time support an important cause.” The experience was good for upperclassmen and underclassmen.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.10.04 AM
Kids at Market Day enjoying several products sold by students. Photo by Carlynn Claypool

  Market Day went really well, according to Katie Updyke, social studies teacher. She was one of three who helped plan Market Day, and she said, “I think it went the best it’s ever gone.” They have now been doing it for five semesters.

  Behind the scenes, Market Day had a competitive atmosphere, according to Matthew Stafford, junior. He said, “Seeing a competitive market in our school made for a good experience.”

  On the other hand, Baker said he would’ve liked to see a little bit more creativity put into the products being sold like he did with a mixed tape. “We worked really hard to create our product,” said Baker. “Everyone thought it was very original and creative.”

  Market Day raised a total of $150, according to Updyke. Stafford said, “I felt really proud of all the work and time spent on our company and to see it be a success made my day.”

Carlynn Claypool, Staff Reporter

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