Trick or Treat Street 2017!

  The night of Oct. 30 marked the second to last night of spooky season, but it was surely sent off with a bang. Continuing its yearly tradition, HR held Trick or Treat Street.

  A large part of Trick or Treat Street is the amazing benefits that it brings to the community with. Each year, FCCLA will accept money donation as well as food donations. It also helps to get kids into the community. “Trick or Treat Street gives kids the opportunity to get interactions within the community as well as giving them the opportunity to see teenagers in a positive light,” said Shannon Wessels.

  A wide variety of clubs and activities at HR run individual booths that night. Each booth plays a game with the kids and gives the kids  the always favorable reward of candy.

  Chase Oliver sophomore, helped run the boys baseball booth. Olivier said, “I loved participating in Trick or Treat street. It’s great to see all the little kids’ costumes. Everyone seemed to love our booth. I guess kids just like throwing things,” Olivier said. He would definitely be interested in participating for the rest of his highschool years.

  Although 2017’s numbers weren’t as great as originally predicted, it was still great to get every donation. The total attendance was 450 kids, $429 were made, and on top of that 55 food donations were given. All of those donations are now at the Highlands Ranch Food Bank.

  Making Trick or Treat street a charitable activity makes it more intriguing to some students. Olivier said, “Knowing that everyone is being helped out by this event makes it that much more interesting to us students. I’m always looking for a way to help  my community and Trick or Treat street is a great way to do so.”

Kyle Lynch, Social Media Editor

ToTS infographic

Fast facts about Trick or Treat Street. Graphic by Kyle Lynch