Boys Basketball works with a new coach

  The boys basketball season is drawing closer, and after the previous head coach, Bob Caton, retired, the team planned to play next season under a new head coach, Mike Gibbs. Gibbs previously coached at Ponderosa, and has come to Highlands Ranch to work to improve and impact the team. “As a team, we have to get better one game at a time,” said Coach Gibbs.

  “I’m excited about this season. We obviously had a legendary coach retire after last year, so anytime somebody like that steps down, there’s obviously big shoes to fill,” said Bruce Wright, athletics director. The previous coach, Bob Caton, announced his retirement last year, which left the boys basketball team without a head coach. Fortunately, Mike Gibbs was hired as his replacement.   “I am very excited about our new head basketball coach. He’s been very involved from the day we hired him to now,” said Wright.

  Coach Gibbs has certainly already made an impact on the team. “Coach Gibbs has changed the work ethic and attitude of Highlands Ranch basketball for the better,” said Jack Fiddler, senior Varsity basketball player.

  “My goal for the season is for all players to be on the same page and have a standard fitness level,” said Gibbs. Wright mentioned that Gibbs’ main focus for this season will not only be on defense, but also on working on the cooperation of the team.

  “I think we have a lot better team chemistry this season and I’m excited to play under Coach Gibbs for the first time,” said Alex Mickus, junior on Varsity basketball. The team has already begun training in order to prepare for the season.

 “With Coach Gibbs it’s not just about basketball. It’s about how he’s worked with these kids on being great representatives for Highlands Ranch High School, so I’m very excited about that,” said Wright.

Wins vs Losses of the 2014-15 Varsity Boys Basketball Season GraphicCo: Lara Mathews

Wins vs Losses of the 2014-15 Varsity Boys Basketball Season GraphicCo: Lara Mathews

Lara Mathews, Staff Reporter