Zombie Crawl turns violent


Held at Skyline Park in Denver, Colorado, the Zombie Crawl is a popular event that was held October 17th. This free event provided people with the opportunity to dress as Zombies and do various events.

  According to their website, eyeheartbrains.com, The Organ trail is a short race around downtown, where Zombies can run, crawl, or walk towards the end location. The winners of the race each receive prizes —  $300 to first place, $200 to second place, and $100 to third place.

  The Zombie Crawl was held at 4 pm, which features the Zombie Parade where all the participants show off their costumes down 16th street.

  This year, 30,000 people attended the Zombie Crawl, but the event faced an issue due to a sudden fight. The Denver Post tells how a large fight broke out at the corner of 16th Street and Cleveland Place, bringing the 300 people surrounding the fight to a standstill.

  In an act of protection, an unnamed cop used pepper spray to subdue a man. This angered him further, and he claimed that the fumes made his child even more nauseous. The man, Joel Gutierrez, 33, began yelling and tempting to fight with Officer Carlos Castillo, the man who used the pepper spray.

  Later that night, “at least seven other people were arrested on the mall Saturday night, most on suspicion of fighting, assault or destruction of property,” according to the Denver Post.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter