Junior Senate chooses this year’s Prom theme

One of the floats in a past Carnival Festival in Rio de Janerio. PhotoCo: wikimedia.com

One of the floats in a past Carnival Festival in Rio de Janerio. PhotoCo: wikimedia.com

The lights are flashing, the music is blaring, and everyone is dancing with their friends. It’s prom. One of the most important parts of planning prom is choosing the theme. This year, Junior Senate has chosen the theme Rio de Janeiro.

“We chose our theme, Rio de Janerio, because we thought it would suit our venue and students best,” said Kendall Frederics, junior.

This was not the only theme that Senate considered, though. “We considered a Welcome to the Jungle and Vegas theme, but we thought that Rio de Janeiro Carnival would be the best for our students,” said Kayla Kolber, junior.

After the theme for prom is chosen, Junior Senate must decide how to incorporate the theme into the actual event. This can be done through several methods. “The decorations and food reflect the culture of Rio de Janeiro,” said Elise Brooke, junior.

Many students question how they can be involved with the theme. “Rio is full of bright colors that stand out. If students want to go with the theme, wear colors like bright blues, pinks, greens, yellow, purple, anything that is bright and exciting,” said Tyler Miller.

Prom is an important event for many high schoolers, and the theme of prom helps to make it all the more special.

Correction: in our Prom edition of the newspaper, we incorrectly stated that the date of prom was April 15, but it is actually on April 11. Also, the theme is Rio De Janeiro, not Mardi Gras. We strive to maintain a level of journalistic integrity. We formally apologize for our mistakes, and we will work to avoid mistakes like this in the future.  

Mikayla Rust, Editor-in-Chief