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The Falcon's soccer team work hard during their games. PhotoCo: bsoccer.hrhsfalcons.com
The Falcon’s soccer team work hard during their games. PhotoCo: bsoccer.hrhsfalcons.com


Even though the boys varsity soccer team did not  have a winning record this year, the season was still action packed. Late game goals and exciting plays gave the fans something to cheer for. Also, the soccer team’s younger players got to showcase their skills and prove that next year could be a good season.

A 4-10-1 record pretty much explains that the team was not very successful.  One of the biggest problems the team faced that caused this record was the chemistry between players. A lot of the players were not familiar with other players’ play style. It was tough to fit in with players from freshmen to senior. Juan Vargas, sophomore said, “The team’s chemistry improved a lot by the end of the year  and when we came together as a team, we could accomplish anything.” This chemistry could carry on to next season’s performance.

Therefore this season was a great way to showcase the young players’ talent. The players that will still be in school next year got to  prove they can be  on  next year’s roster, such as Ismael Dia, Juan Vargas, Inigo Garcia, and Chris Poole. With the coaches already knowing the talent on the team, they can already plan how to be successful next year. Inigo Garcia, sophomore, said, “I was able to show everyone how good I actually am.” This was something all the young players enjoyed.

This season also had some very memorable moments. One of the best feelings in sports is winning a close game. And that’s exactly what the team did against Eaglecrest. “One of the best moments of the season was when we beat Eaglecrest by scoring a goal in the last 17 seconds,” said Juan Vargas.

The HR boys varsity had a very memorable season despite the bad record. Not all the season was a loss, but ended up showing that the next season should be a good one.

Thomas Grove, Guest Contributor

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