Brandon Davis, honoring our Purple Heart recipient

Brandon Davis, Purple Heart recipient. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews

Brandon Davis, Purple Heart recipient. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews

The Purple Heart is awarded in the name of the President to any member of the Armed Forces of the United States who, while serving with one of the U.S. Armed Services, has been wounded or killed. This decoration is the oldest military award still given to U.S. military members. HR’s very own Brandon Davis will be awarded this honor on February 18th, in the HR gym at 6:30pm, before the boy’s basketball game.

“I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time…gone through some holes to get this,” said Davis, HR security guard, “It means a lot, like a sacrifice for the country.” Davis was part of the Marines from July 2003 to July 2006. He was stationed in Iraq from June 24th 2004, to February 17th 2005.


The Purple Heart Award. PhotoCo:

Back of Purple Heart Award. PhotoCo:

Back of Purple Heart Award. PhotoCo:

Davis dreamt of being in the Marines all his life. “9/11 was what made me turn down scholarships and go join,” said Davis. However, Davis was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D), damaging the left side of his head, leaving a traumatic brain injury. “[It was] 9 months being medically separated, dealing with memory loss and my shoulder and back,” said Davis.

After recovering, when he saw an opening for security positions, Davis landed at HR.  However, he plans on working his way back into the armed forces. “Eventually I want to do security for personnel, the civilian military side of things,” said Davis.

“First of all, I think that anyone who serves for the country is giving a huge sacrifice and deserves to be recognized,” said Mr Goings, the principal, “Brandon is a great example of this. It’s pretty amazing that we get to present Brandon with the award and I am honored that we get to present it at our own school.”

There is no lack of support from the students, teachers, and administrators towards Davis. “I think it is riveting to have such a person with fantastic calibre representing our school,” said Lily Xie, freshman. Many students have proved to feel this way about Brandon’s achievement, becoming a part of the Purple Heart family after years of waiting.

Lara Mathews, Staff Reporter