Swim & dive team: like fish in the ocean

   The season has been pretty good for players and coaches of the HR swimming team. The season is going really well and the HR swimming team has dropped time.

  “The season is going awesome so far! We’ve had a really great year, and everyone has done amazing so far,” said Savannah Elliot, varsity swimming, with a smile on her face. “We’ve had quite a few state qualifiers and A and B league times. And everyone has dropped a ton of time. Coach Andy and Patrick are both great coaches and and we’ve had an awesome year with both of them. So as a whole I think this year has been super successful!”

  Success is not earned that easy; they had to practice really hard several times a week to reach their level of achievement. They practice five times a week, occasionally until 9:30 pm.“Sometimes we practice on Saturdays,” said Elliot.

  To be a part of the group not only takes practice and skills, but the girl swimmers do not shave their legs until a day before the game. “This supposedly helps you to swim faster,” said Stramel. Shaving their legs for the first time in a while not only has psychological effects but their bodies  have an easier time getting rid of lactic acid.

   Stramel said that winning or losing is not the important part of swimming , what matters is to have fun. Both JV and varsity are one team. They all get along well, have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Stramel said that even though it doesn’t matter if they lose or win, she will still get nervous sometimes because everyone is staring at you and expecting you to drop some time.

  State is near and they all expect their teammates are going to do the best they can. “I want the girls to do awesome,” said Elliot.


PhotoCo: Laura Carranza
PhotoCo: Laura Carranza

 Laura Carranza, staff reporter 

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