CDE Awards

Jerry Goings, HR Principal photoco:ashleylarrison

Jerry Goings, HR Principal

Q:What is the CDE awards?

A:Colorado Dept of Education give two awards each year. Started the awards last year.

Q: What awards did our school win?

A:We received both awards this year. The John Irwin Award for outstanding achievement and the     Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for outstanding growth.

Q:When do the meetings take place?

A:We were recognized at a Principal Meeting. We will be recognized by the board of education not sure when.

Q:How many times has our school won?

A:We won the John Erwin award last year.

Q:What does this mean for our school?

A:There were only 5 other High Schools in the entire state that won both awards. There is over 300 high schools in the state. 3 those schools were Charter Schools and two were small public schools. HRHS is the only High School with over 1000 students that was recognized for both awards.


“This is a huge recognition for our school. Our teachers and staff deserve this recognition for their dedication and hard work for our students,” said Jerry Goings, HR principle